Introducing the Eco Kids Film Initiative

While You Were Sleeping is excited to introduce:

The Eco Kids Film Initiative (EKFI)

Inspired by her love of film and the environment, Tarien Roux, decided to organize a film festival in the hopes of passing on her passions to the youth of today. A sprightly 27-year old herself, Tarien decided to partner with like-minded non-profit While You Were Sleeping. The Eco Kids Film Initiative 2011 (EKFI) is the result of this partnership.The first of an annual film festival, EKFI 2011 aims to stimulate environmental awareness in the youth of Cape Town. Through films that are entertaining, educational, and above all inspirational it is EKFI’s goal to inspire real change through the children of today and generations to come by promoting a proactive strategy to environmental awareness. After the official festival, the films will also do an educational tour of township schools.

The call for entries will be available through Alternatively, please contact Tarien at

While You Were Sleeping is a Cape Town-based non-profit collective committed to bringing progressive, non-mainstream documentary films with important social and environmental messages to South African audiences.


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