Waiting For Superman

Waiting For ‘Superman’, a documentary about solutions to the education crisis, will premier in Cape Town at the Labia on Orange cinema on Sunday 24 July at 6:15pm, on Monday 25 July at 6:15pm and on Tuesday 26 July at 6:15pm.

Every morning, in big cities, suburbs and small towns across America – as in South Africa – parents send their children off to school with the highest of hopes. But a shocking number of students attend schools where they have virtually no chance of learning – failure factories more likely to produce drop-outs than graduates. And despite decades of well-intended reforms and huge sums of money spent on the problem, public schools haven’t improved markedly. Why? There is an answer. And it’s not what you think.

From the director of An Inconvenient Truth, Davis Guggenheim, comes Waiting for ‘Superman’, a provocative and cogent examination of the crisis of public education in the United States told through multiple interlocking stories – from a handful of students and their families whose futures hang in the balance, to the educators and reformers trying to find real and lasting solutions within a dysfunctional system. Tackling such politically radioactive topics as the power of teachers’ unions and the entrenchment of school bureaucracies, Guggenheim reveals the invisible forces that have held true education reform back for decades.

Considering the dire state of our own education system, this documentary is extremely relevant to South Africans. Don’t miss it!


Tickets are R20 and can be reserved by calling The Labia at (021) 424 5927. We strongly recommended that you reserve tickets to avoid disappointment.


This event is presented by the Labia, Symphonia and While You Were Sleeping, a Cape Town-based non-profit film collective committed to bringing progressive, non-mainstream documentaries with important social, political and environmental messages to South African audiences.


The Labia:
021 424 5927




2 responses to “Waiting For Superman

  1. Jeffrey Lichtenstein

    “Waiting for Superman” is filled with distortion and misinformation. Its purpose is to co-opt broadly and deeply felt passion for progressive education reform into support for a pro-privatization agenda.


    Charter schools deepen the marginalization of English Language Learners and students with special needs, they take power from the community and and vest that power with private corporations or “public-private partnerships;” charter schools emphasize memorization and “teaching to the test” rather than a rich curriculum, they politically divide teachers from the students’ community, who, when united, make a strong force for progress. And most of all, charter schools do not work, they simply continue to produce the same, and in some cases worse, results than real public education.


    I encourage people to attend this movie, but do so as an educated viewer and engage with others. Aside form the cynical power brokers, most folks who support charters are doing the wrong thing for the right reasons; hearts are in the right place but myths and distortion have led them to support the very thing that degrades education and hurts working communities.

    Waiting for Superman is a privatization program wrapped in ribbon.

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