Let’s help the Labia go digital!

The Labia Theater in Orange Street has been our home for almost ten years. Without it While You Were Sleeping wouldn’t have been able to bring you any of the gripping documentaries that we’ve been privileged to screen there.

Now, the Labia faces one of the most difficult challenges of its 65 year history and needs our help!

The global cinema industry is going digital. All major film distributors have started to make their films available only on digital hard drives (instead of 35mm cellulite reels) that require special movie projectors for screening.

These digital projectors are extremely expensive – a new one costs about half a million rand – but without investing in this new technology, the Labia will no longer be able to bring the world’s latest and greatest movies to its screens.

The options for the Labia are stark but simple: go digital or go dark!

Enter Thundafund, South Africa’s most successful online crowdfunding platform.

For 45 days, starting from Thursday the 24th of July, everyone who loves the Labia can do their bit towards helping her go digital – without sacrificing its atmosphere and charisma, of course.


Visit www.thundafund.com/thelabia and make your contribution


This is not charity! Each contributor gets to chose from a selection of rewards (from free movie tickets to the right to name one of the theatre screens) in return for their pledge, while helping to save Cape Town from a Labia-free future.

The money raised by the campaign will not only be used towards the necessary digital projectors and paying for the renovations required to ensure that they fit, but also to refurbish and revitalise the Labia for a totally improved audience experience.

By clubbing together and combining our contributions, we have the opportunity to raise the funds necessary to keep the doors of South Africa’s oldest art-repertoire movie house and Cape Town’s last remaining independent cinema open.


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