A Khoe Story: Part 2 – Returning The Remains

Join us for the second film in a trilogy of documentaries about South Africa’s oldest indigenous people, followed by an informal discussion with the film’s director, Weaam Williams.

Date: Thursday 23 October 2014

Time: 6.15pm

Venue: The Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town

Tickets: R40

To reserve tickets, call the Labia box office: 021 424 5927

A Khoe Story: Part 2 – Returning The Remains explores the clandestine genocide of South Africa’s indigenous people. Director Weaam Williams embarks on a personal journey that is one of initial optimism and awe of indigenous communities, leading her to the facts that reveal the genocide that was perpetrated on them.

Khoe story 2

The film touches on issues of race-based science and social Darwinism, with the remains of indigenous people having been exported to Europe in aid of race-based pseudo-science, with special reference to the infamous case of Sarah Baartman.

Watch the trailer:



2 responses to “A Khoe Story: Part 2 – Returning The Remains

  1. akismet-44fa51ba66f79e60ad9f94d8309ed107

    Hi Andreas,

    I was really looking forward to seeing this, but unfortunately, will not be able to attend the screening this week. Do you know if any other screenings will be shown in future? Or whether it would be possible to rent the DVD?

    *Zinia Adriaanse.c*: 076 383 2829 *|* *w*: 021 407 7074 | *f*: 086 239 0524 | *alt. e*: zinia@bizz-e.co.za

    *”To get my sparkle on; a mission I’m embarking on.”*


    • Hi Zinia

      The third film in the trilogy will be screened at the Labia on Thursday the 30th of October at 6.15pm – perhaps you can make it to the Labia then? All three DVDs will be for sale then again.


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